Farming as a Business – Tanzania/Ghana

We successfully worked with the Tanzania Agricultural Partnership a commercially focused programme, to develop and implement training to improve farmers’ capacity on farm and financial management, entrepreneurship, and agribusiness skills. Prorustica has developed a value chain assessment methodology that includes practical and relevant insights into how farmers use a combination of inputs and commodities to increase profitability. The Farming Systems approach has been applied to our training of entrepreneurial farmers in Tanzania, and Malawi. More recently we have set up a training programme in northern Ghana with a commercial machinery services company, packaging the financial training with technical advice for farmers and service providers.

Patient Procurement Platform – Malawi/Tanzania

Prorustica engaged with a wide range of agri-processors, smallholder farmers and traders to design and develop a business plan in Tanzania and Malawi that builds upon the evaluation and lessons learned from WFP’s P4P pilots.

Prorustica prepared a detailed value chain analysis for major grains crops. Subsequently, Prorustica designed the business plan used to initiate the Patient Procurement Platform. The platform is now successfully linking smallholder farmers to sustainable markets, based on our practical field-tested design. The aim over the next 2-3 years is to use the platform to link over 75,000 farmers to viable markets through commercial relationships with inputs providers, traders, processors, financial institutions and insurance organisations.

Agribusiness Investment Blueprint  – Tanzania

In 2010 Prorustica was mandated by a consortium of private sector organisations (including Syngenta, Yara, Unilever, Dupont, Diageo, General Mills), civil society and the Tanzanian Government to lead the development of an Investment Blueprint for the advancement of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT).

The aim of the project was to bring together private and public sector stakeholders in commodity value chain frameworks to stimulate a major revival of agriculture along the corridor, with significant social and economic benefits for the region. Prorustica has been instrumental in SAGCOT’s development. We developed the detailed investment blueprint; facilitated the establishment of the SAGCOT Partnership; and designed the initial development of the SAGCOT Catalytic Fund. More recently, Prorustica worked with the SAGCOT Centre to  map agribusiness activity in high potential areas of the corridor and thereby  create a better understanding of the agribusiness landscape to allow  more effective planning.

Grains Partnership – Ghana

Prorustica has worked with one of the largest agricultural plant nutrition companies in the world since 2005. In 2008 we worked with them, and a local trader, to analyse the maize value chain and design and setup “Masara N’Arziki,” a maize farmers’ association. After five years the association has some 10,000 active smallholder members producing over 100,000 mt of maize for the local and regional markets. Prorustica secured of a million US Dollars in funding for the association and provided strategic guidance and evaluation support to the partnership.

 Bagre Pole Rice Project – Burkina Faso

Prorustica was contracted by by a farm inputs company to assess a potential Rice Partnership  at Bagre Pole in southern Burkina Faso. The program aimed to create an agricultural growth hub with the objective of optimizing the agricultural contributions to economic growth. In the first phase, Prorustica worked with company staff to develop a business plan that included a roadmap, budget, and deliverables for the successful implementation of the rice project.

Malawi Agricultural Partnership – Malawi

In Malawi, Prorustica was contracted by the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) to develop a five-year strategic plan. AICC is developing commodity-based partnerships with the private sector to stimulate inward commercial investment into the country. We also reviewed and developed a new M&E framework to measure commercial and social impact of the partnership.

Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) – Tanzania

Prorustica re-designed the Tanzania Agricultural Partnership (TAP) financial and technical proposal to be submitted to donor partners for potential funding. We also engaged with public and private sector stakeholders locally and regionally, to develop a four-year program of district-specific work to encourage private investment in agriculture.

Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor (BAGC) – Mozambique

Prorustica has been instrumental in the design and development of partnerships related to agricultural growth corridors. The concept was launched at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York in 2008. Prorustica worked with local and international agribusinesses and governments to design and develop the Investment Blueprint that provided the twenty-year roadmap for investment in the Beira Corridor. Prorustica has provided technical support to the BAGC Secretariat and facilitated investment into early-stage agribusinesses.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company – East Africa

Prorustica worked with an international FMCG to develop a strategy for sourcing food ingredients and production in Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia. Work included assessing commodity value chains and developing target lists of commercial farmers and processors with which to engage, as well as developing a series of commodity-based partnerships to drive scale and viability.