Who We Are

Over the past two decades Prorustica has built a broad and deep network of contacts both internationally and locally. Prorustica prides itself on its strong and lasting business relationships and has worked with some of the leading experts in agribusiness platforms, smallholder advisory services and agribusiness investment.

Patrick Guyver (UK)

Managing Director
Patrick has worked in the agribusiness sector for over 35 years, and is the founder and Managing Director of Prorustica. He has been influential in the development of innovative programs that support and encourage new agribusiness investments in the developing world. In his early career, Patrick worked with various UN agencies, predominantly in East Asia, central Europe and the Caribbean. He then moved to Rabobank and set up the global agri-project finance team in S.E. Asia. Patrick recognises that the new technologies that are now evolving will provide cost-effective ways for agribusinesses and their supply chains to connect, collaborate and invest. He is co-founder of the Cambridge-based tech company – AGRIinsight Ltd


Mavis McCarthy (Ghana)


Mavis has over 20 years of experience in investment climate reform and enterprise development. She was part of the team that designed Ghana’s Medium-Term Strategy for Private Sector Development, a program of policy and reform initiatives to make Ghana one of the best investment climates in Africa. Mavis has provided technical support to numerous organizations in designing and implementing programs to strengthen market functions and value chains. She has also worked on strengthening agribusinesses, and developing PPPs She has worked with Patrick since 2007 on the development of smallholder inclusive business models and evaluating new farmer association structures.


Frédéric Kilcher (France/Tanzania)


Frédéric has 17 years of experience in project management, small company and farmer organization development, value chain analysis, and market linkages. Frédéric is an experienced trainer, who specializes in working with smallholder farmers on Farming as a Business. He has developed a n innovative methodology that not only helps guide farmers through the financial aspects of their farming practices, but also, through the training, collects farm data that can be used for farm segmentation purposes as well as defining financial benchmarks for specific farming systems and regions . He is currently working with Patrick and others on setting up AGRIinsight Ltd, an online web-based platform for agribusiness investment. He has previously worked with Prorustica on various Africa-based programs including work for a large FMCG company in East Africa as well as for UN organisations and Philanthropic Foundations.


Dianne Rudo (USA)


Dianne has over 30 years of international advisory experience structuring and financing infrastructure and agribusiness projects. She provides transaction and strategic advisory services, as well as training on financing projects in the infrastructure and agribusiness sectors. Previously she established and ran the Project Finance Division of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and was a partner at Drexel Burnham Lambert focusing on project finance transactions in the power sector. She has worked for Prorustica on the design of a number of innovative agribusiness finance facilities including the SAGCOT and BAGC Catalytic funds and has developed governance structures for a financing facility for the DRC Government.


Josefynne Miingi-Kaiza (Tanzania)


Josefynne is the Managing Director of Dar es Salaam based BRiTEN. She is a Value Chain and Agricultural Market Development Specialist, with 14 years of experience in agricultural development in Eastern Africa. Her expertise is in designing and overseeing baseline and final evaluation studies and designing training curricula. She has also worked with Prorustica on a number of private sector based programs including the WFP/PPP program and Farming as a Business training.


Daisy Kambalame (Malawi)


Daisy is a trained economist and business counseling expert, with more than 15 years’ experience in strategic program development for sustainable development. She has facilitated partnerships for development, and was Chief Executive Officer of the African Institute for Corporate Citizenship, providing leadership on how to integrate business principles in addressing development challenges. This created platforms under the Malawi Agriculture Partnership (MAP) for value chain enhancement. Daisy and Patrick have worked together particularly on the establishment of the Malawi Agricultural Partnership.


Manon Lelievre (Tanzania)


Manon is an agro-economist and has worked in Agriculture, Fisheries and Renewable Energy in Mozambique, Brazil and Tanzania. She has worked on several development projects at various levels from operations at grassroots level to consultancy and policy input. She is a Value Chain Analysis and Financial Assessment Specialist. Manon is currently working on a Farming as a Business Program with Frédéric. Here she is assessing the financial position of farmers in northern Tanzania and delivers training packages. Manon has also worked on advisory projects on agribusiness development and commodity value chains with Prorustica and on the WFP’s PPP program, as well as SAGCOT Cluster Development Framework design and farmer training.


Mark Terken (Zambia)


Mark is an expert in Tropical agriculture and International agricultural trade. In the mid nineties he set up and operated his contract farming businesses in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique where 20,000 outgrowers produced paprika for the global spice and food colorant market. From his base in Zambia, and in the field across Africa he now executes a role as strategy and investment advisor to DFI’s, asset managers, PE’s, direct investors as well as development organisations. His clients are based in the EU, Asia and the USA and are developing or supporting scaled farming and agri businesses investments in Sub Saharan Africa. Patrick and Mark have worked together on a range of commercial agribusiness finance projects in southern Africa.


Andrew Ritchie (UK/Kenya)


Andrew has worked in the African agribusiness and finance industry for over 15 years, living in East Africa between 2002 and 2014. Andrew worked as CFO of Finlays, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons, with extensive tea and horticultural operations in East Africa (22,000 employees). Andrew also worked as an Investment Manager with ALTIMA Partners LLP, a $2.5 billion alternative investment manager focusing on the agri sector. Andrew’s combined experience of ‘C’ level finance roles for one of Africa’s largest integrated agri-groups together with working in Africa focused agri-investment for a large Private Equity fund manager was the catalyst for founding Agri Frontier . Patrick and Andrew have recently set up a Funds Brokerage service that supports agribusinesses in locating finance to build their businesses. The work includes due diligence, valuations, business plan development and the location of the right types of funds/investment.